You sense there’s more to be had. I’m here to help you hone in on what you want and go after it. My part is to be your collaborator, your gentle nudge, your co-sleuther and the voice of your most ardent supporter. I’ll have your back in a warm, intuitive, although sometimes scrappy and humorous manner.


Although my work is steeped in neuroscience and somatic psychotherapy, my approach is first and foremost relational. Together we’ll create a personal safe zone for you tease through the messy parts, soak into the good and lay the foundation for the new.


Whether it’s more aliveness, bravery, gumption, authenticity, connection or belonging that you seek, know that it’s within reach. I’ve spent decades of inquiry into how folks change, grow and soar and why, in fact, therapy works. It’d be my great delight to share this space with you.